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Club Benefits

There are several positive reasons for having our cameras installed on your course.

A major benefit is the increased security measures they offer, as they mean you can have a better view of activity out on the fairway, as well as being able to monitor constantly, with new images being updated every 60 seconds.

In addition to this, your members will be able to evaluate golfing conditions from home and judge whether the course is too busy to play on. This is beneficial to you as it reduces the amount of traffic at certain times of day, as well as cutting down wait times, meaning fewer unhappy customers and a better game for everyone.

The cameras also allow members and guests to check the course after periods of bad weather. Many golf courses have excellent drainage systems allowing them to stay open all year round however there are times when the weather can hinder or put a stop to the game. If customers can make this decision before leaving home, it allows them to choose a suitable course and not make a wasted journey, creating bad feeling associated with the club.

Installing fairway cameras can improve the level of service you offer to your players, often converting into an increase in membership numbers. This ultimately draws in more revenue for your club, as well as building status and reputation within the area. 

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