Find your nearest golf course or find clubs within your area in order to assess conditions and wait times.

How It Works

The concept behind View My Fairway is simple. Real time cameras are located around different areas of the golf course. This enables golfers to assess the conditions of their preferred courses before leaving the house. You’ll no longer need to worry about turning up on a packed fairway and waiting around for hours to take finally take your turn. Checking the weather and get up to date wind speed data via the cameras can also give you an advantage if it is overcast or raining, as you can avoid that course or choose to go another time, without wasting time and effort making the journey. No one wants to spend an afternoon on a soggy or crowded fairway. Avoid the disappointment of bad weather, and dodge busy areas to ensure you have a great game.

Our technology also allows golf enthusiasts to look at other clubs you may not have visited previously, helping you to choose a course that is suitable for you. View My Fairway has been designed to help you find the perfect golf course quickly and easily, without the necessity of leaving the house and travelling to each individual club. You will no longer have to spend money on petrol and waste your time driving around only to find that the course you wanted to play is not in a suitable condition to do so. 

Our site gives you a detailed insight into an extensive list of courses around the UK and Ireland. We can offer you camera views of the fairway in addition to useful information on the club.  This includes the distance and par of the course as well as what facilities the club offers, age ranges accepted and whether membership is required to play.

So whether you are simply want more information on your local club or browsing for a new course to challenge your skills, View My Fairway is your complete guide for the latest information.

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